I was recently asked to keep an impossible secret.

While the reasons our daughter and her (absolutely wonderful!) fiancé had for keeping their very small wedding a secret made sense, and aside from how hard it was to contain my excitement (I even avoided my brothers for awhile!) there was something else about keeping the secret that was really bothering me and I didn’t understand right away what it was.

Then it hit me. Social obligation. I was battling a deep sense of duty to share, and a belief that I was wrong if I didn’t.

This secret turned into a blessing.

Having a ‘secret’ with our adult kids and her fiancé’s family brought us together in a wonderfully magical way. Instead of being distracted by phone calls, emails, and social media postings – we shared with each other!

It was amazing and took us on an exciting journey we will cherish forever.

There are many secrets families keep that aren’t healthy; we all need to get better at breaking up the stigmas around mental health, abuse and addictions that compel us to keep quiet.

But what about those times when a shared secret can draw our families together in a healthy way?

Or those times when we’re formulating a personal or business idea or dream, and it is best to keep it to ourselves just a little bit longer…

For both the happy and sad secrets, coaching provides a safe, confidential relationship to talk through what’s going on, and come up with the plan forward that’s best for YOU.

For the sad secrets we keep – chances are you’re not alone, and it’s not as bad as you think…

And for the exciting ones, well – sometimes there just may be a good reason to keep quiet just a bit longer…

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