Empowerment 360 at Work

A coaching program for optimizing workplace relationships & effectiveness

Empowerment 360 at Work

Whether you are seeking to improve your communication, relationships, leadership or productivity, this program is designed to empower you in being more effective in delivering on what matters most to you or your organization.

Welcome to Empowerment 360 at Work

Through development in a proven set of leadership competencies, you will:

  • Be more aware of self and others
  • Deliver higher quality service to customers
  • Have stronger relationships with colleagues, bosses and reports
  • Lead more effectively


  • Initial assessment
  • Customized learning plan
  • One-to-one coaching sessions
  • Collective learning sessions

Why do this?

Self awareness allows you to be the best you can be in your job – building skill and confidence to move forward on your desired career path. Investing in the development of employees saves businesses the high costs of replacement and retraining. When employees are invested in, they experience being valued and appreciated, and your company enjoys greater loyalty, better results and reduced costs.

Note: You’ll be coached in a group setting, but you don’t have to be part of a group to participate. Many of the participants are individuals taking advantage of the cost benefits of a group coaching environment.

The Process

  1. Assessment Session In partnership with your coach (plus leader or HR representative), and drawing from a specific set of leadership competencies – you identify your best focus for leveraged learning
  2. Development Plan With the support of your coach, you design your own unique development plan
  3. Topical Sessions Through participation in two facilitated phone group training/coaching sessions per month, you deepen your learning and benefit from the shared experience of others
  4. One-to-one Coaching Sessions are used to support you in going deeper with your self- examination and learning, and to adjust your development plan as required


Topics Include:

  • Listening
  • Understanding Others
  • Respect
  • Appreciation
  • Trust
  • Alignment
  • Workflow
  • Assessments
  • Assertions
  • Promises
  • Requests
  • Declarations

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