Leadership 360

An 18-month individual and group leadership training & development program

Leadership Essentials

LEADERSHIP 360: 18-month program

18-month individual and group leadership training & development

Vicki Fenn is a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation (ICF), licenced in Language Action for Leadership Development, Reality Therapy Certification, and Level II SDI Certification. She holds a Bachelor of Business Administration and Commerce from the University of Alberta and a Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching with Royal Roads University.

COURSE: Leadership 360

The ideal participant is someone in a leadership role, or developing into a leadership role who is committed to breakthroughs in:

  • Taking their leadership to the next level
  • Having effective workplace relationships with colleagues, reports, managers, customers, service providers
  • Generating and experiencing respect, trust and mutual acceptance in all key relationships
  • Reliably executing projects and operations
  • Rigorously managing commitments
  • Effectively introducing and managing change
  • Consistently aligning outcomes with strategy
  • Realizing value of investments
  • Effectively managing costs

Improve your leadership skills. Learn new behaviours and intentional actions that will improve your ability to assist team members to optimize workplace performance.

Based on the innovative work of Dr. Fernando Flores and other leaders in the field of leadership research, participants are taught a set of skills that enable the participant to intentionally build strong relationships. Leaders need to find ways to work more effectively with co-workers, employees and teams. Course outcomes include being more effective in getting better results from others in the workplace, leading to improved workplace effectiveness overall.

Leading research in the fields of ontology, linguistics, integrated sciences, leadership, cognitive biology and relationships create the distinctions and models used in this course.

The content of this program has been delivered to thousands of participants in a wide variety of industries across North America.

  • Program is delivered as a webinar, or face-to-face
  • Takes place over 18 months
  • 6-8 hours / month
  • 1-2 hours reading
  • 1.5 hour topic introduction
  • Practice and apply – daily as part of work and personal life
  • 1.5 hour topic review session
  • 1 hour / month mentoring /consulting
  • Groups of 2 – 10 (could be from same company, or different industries)
  • Grading is conducted via pre, mid, and post assessments completed by participant and instructor.

Leadership 360 includes:

Module 1: Building Trust
Module 2: Listening for Concerns
Module 3: Value and Waste
Module 4: Request and Offers
Module 5: Assessments and Assertions
Module 6: The Productive Mindset
Module 7: Building Alignment
Module 8: Listening
Module 9: Granting Legitimacy
Module 10: Declarations
Module 11: Workflow
Module 12: Managing Promises

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