Relationship Strategies for Success

A program to help you reduce stress and increase the fun in your relationships

Relationship Strategies for Success

For the most part, we get along really well with the people around us. But what about those topics or issues when we just don’t feel like we’re being heard; the ones that over and over again leave us feeling frustrated?

Learn how to supercharge your relationships

This series is designed to help you reduce the stress and increase the fun in your relationships. It has already been proven to resolve these concerns once and for all.

What you’ll learn

  • What you care about, and what others care about, are not the same
  • Why people do things “that drive you crazy”
  • How to appreciate yourself and others way more
  • What to do differently to have less conflict and more love, fun, and connection
  • How to positively influence the people around you

How does it work?

Through teaching, and interactive discussion, you will discover why some issues keep repeating, and gain easy how-to-use tools and techniques for reducing the frequency of arguments and conflict. You’ll enjoy more productive and satisfying relationships whether personal, business or work-related.

Your facilitator, Vicki Fenn, is highly trained in the techniques that enable people to resolve interpersonal conflict, and have more fun, freedom and joy in their relationships.

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