Teaming Up for Success

Teaming Up for Success

Teaming Up for Success

The ideal course participant is a team or workplace who:

  1. Are committed to increasing their effectiveness in working together,
  2. Seek to better understand each other and to appreciate how people are wired differently,
  3. Seek to be more effective with colleagues, customers (internally and externally), service providers, and other stakeholders.

This established program has been offered since before 1990 to over 2 million participants worldwide.

  • Course is delivered on-line and in person.
  • 10-12 hours per participant.
  • COST $200 individual assessment per participant, plus $5000 for course facilitation (groups of 5-50). 20% Discount for non-profits.
  • Includes employee pre-assessment, employee pre-meeting with facilitator, course delivery and a 3-month post-program facilitator assessment.

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Teaming Up for Success

We all depend on other people to get our work done. Understanding that others do not always value the same things, and are not motivated in the same way, helps us to “get into” their world and present ideas or solutions in a manner that is more likely to be well received by the other person. Once we understand these differences, and take this into account in our communications, we are equipped to influence others successfully, versus coming up against resistance, roadblocks, and misunderstandings.

Improve your workplace communications and understanding between your employees and teams through the time-tested course “Teaming Up for Success”. Over 300 individuals in the past 7 years have participated in this one day course, taught by Vicki Fenn 360.

Course Overview*:

Course Objectives: Participants will increase skills to be able to have the following:

  • Increased capability for eliminating unnecessary conflict
  • Stronger capacity to deal with conflict that cannot be eliminated
  • More effective skills and knowledge about working with diverse personal styles
  • Increased capability for providing productive, meaningful and relevant acknowledgement and feedback
  • Expanded ability to adapt communication style to achieve optimal results

Course Delivery:

  • Large group PowerPoint presentation
  • Small discussion groups based on assessment results
  • Small groups that present to the larger group

*Based on RELATIONSHIP AWARENESS THEORY by Elias H. Porter, PhD. Influences include work of Erich Fromm and Carl Rogers.

Online Assessment: Each participant is required to complete an online profile assessment prior to participation in the workshop. From this they receive a link to their personalized report assessing their profile, and a chart which visually reflects how each type responds and is motivated.

The course facilitator will meet with small groups of participants 2 to 3 weeks prior to the workshop to provide a 30-45-minute overview, insure that individual profile results reflect participant experience, answer questions and present a group profile composite.

Module 1: How We Are Each Motivated Differently – when things are going well

  • Impact of Unique and Differing Motivations – How this underlying motivation impacts what we care about, what we focus on, and how we behave
  • Understanding Our Differences – Why people do things that don’t make sense to us
  • Understand How We Affect Others – How our behaviour impacts the people around us

Module 2: Understanding Conflict:

  • What is it?
  • What causes It? Understanding conflict triggers, and how underlying motivation connects to what we go into conflict over.
  • Motivation During Conflict – How motivation changes in conflict.
  • Conflict Responses – The impact of our response to conflict on the people around us.

Module 3: Reducing Conflict:

  • How to Reduce Unnecessary Conflict.
  • How to be most effective in approaching others to elicit cooperation (how to positively influence the people around us).

Module 4: Learning in Action:

  • How will we use this learning to be more effective in our team?
  • What’s next for our team to be as effective and productive as possible?


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