From Our Coaching Program

What participants of the Empowerment 360 coaching programs have to say:

Claire Wang CPA, CGA, MBA – Director, Finance and Operations Burnaby Hospital Foundation

“Working with Vicki forced me to exercise deep reflection that I rarely had before; what are my fears, what do I really want to accomplish, what bothers me, and what elevates me?  Before coaching sessions with Vicki, like many female financial executives with children, I went about my daily life carried by work and family responsibilities, and essentially by the winds of circumstance. If something happened, I fought and reacted, but sometimes I was bogged down emotionally and feared disapproval. I know I want to achieve something bigger but I rarely put all of my mental energy into it. Vicki taught me the power of intention, the importance of confidence, and validated many of my intuitive approaches when facing challenges.

Vicki challenged me to clarify my own ideas in a compassionate way. I found that is very helpful because I am not always clear why I want what I want. Getting clear on my why gives power to my intention. Thank you, Vicki, for your encouragement and positive challenges on this journey of my self-development. I highly recommend Vicki Fenn!”

Carla O – Producer

Where I was when I started the group coaching program with Vicki:

I kept a lot of my true feelings inside. To an outside person, I presented as someone who had it all together and didn’t need any help or support, but inside I was feeling angry, isolated, and lonely.

I was constantly disappointed by people; they had no idea what I was expecting so could never win with me; I felt like people just didn’t “get me”.

I wanted more intimacy with family and friends, and ultimately with a partner, but my old approach was back-firing because the illusion of “having it all together” was creating more isolation and loneliness.

I was over-spending (eating out, new clothes, expensive weekends away and international trips) as a reward for how hard I was working / how miserable I was. Yet all of those things left me feeling even more empty.

Where I am now:

  • way more productive
  • more aware of old patterns; better at moving beyond them
  • no longer afraid to feel my feelings; better able to explore what is beneath and resolve issues
  • better at expressing what I want and need to my loved ones
  • more in my skin, more myself, more honest with myself and my feelings
  • clearer about what I really want in my life
  • more fully self-expressed
  • more connected to my true self; hear my true self’s voice instead of negative chatter in my head
  • more in control of my actions; more consciously making choices that align with the life that I want
  • working fewer hours and making the same amount of money
  • kinder & more compassionate with myself

I have:

  • more balance and joy
  • more meaningful work
  • more intimate relationships
  • deeper connections with family and friends
  • amazing relationships with the women in my group

Alicia F – Owner – Cariboo Orthotics

Vicki – you are an amazing coach. You have been doing this for decades and still listen and care like it’s a brand new career. You’re interested and engaged every coaching session. You care so much for the success of your clients and it shows up when you are who we need each call – you call us on our b…s… when we need it, you uplift us when we need it, you are patient and dig deeper when we need it and you celebrate with us when called for!

You are wise and know so much about relationships of all kinds but you walk the talk too and are humble in admitting when you have learned valuable lessons in your own life that could shed insight on others’ situations. You understand that all aspects of life need to be addressed to achieve success and happiness. I am so happy to get to be in your group.


From Our 1-1 Coaching Clients

What participants in 1-1 coaching have to say:

Deep D – Real Estate Advisor

I started coaching with Vicki in March 2020 as soon as the pandemic hit! I was referred to Vicki by one of my closest friends who has also been coached for many years by her.   I am in Real estate and have always been out the door at 8 am and home at 6 meeting and dealing with people all over the lower mainland.

When everything shut down, I did not know what to do. Vicki helped me understand my thought process and coached me how to get myself out of my own head. Vicki’s approach to life and business starts with you focusing on yourself within and your surroundings which I had never reflected on in 35 years.

Vicki can be best described as my legendary coach Phil Jackson. She was a key player for helping me lead negotiations for opportunities and how to control my thoughts. I was so busy just trying to stay busy with work that I found myself burning out and not being myself. I felt that if I wasn’t busy I wasn’t doing anything, after a few sessions with Vicki I was back out in full force tackling down the biggest projects I have ever worked on to date! I cannot thank you enough for being such a sincere friend/coach/mentor you are truly the best!

Skyelar N – Registered Clinical Counsellor

I have known and worked with Vicki on and off over the past 35 years.

Each time we have worked together, I have been able to overcome whatever challenge I was facing and move forward in my life with clarity, power, and confidence.

As a Registered Clinical Counsellor – I know how important it is to keep my slate clean.

Vicki is who I go to when I want and/or need – to learn and grow.

Our work together has helped me to define my purpose and passion, create the family I had only dreamed of having, resolve long standing issues in my extended family, navigate the challenges of marriage, and so much more.
My most recent challenge has probably been my hardest by far.

Several years ago my husband began to experience some very serious health issues.

In my calls with Vicki, she kept observing how hard I was being on myself. This led to some conversations about self compassion – a concept I had never considered.

My growth in this area alone has dramatically altered who I am being in the face of what I am currently dealing with.

My husband – in his early 60s – has been diagnosed with early onset dementia.

Had this happened before discovering how to have self compassion, I can only imagine what a state I would be in.

Not only has this new found ability to have compassion for myself helped me get through all the challenges we have been facing, it has greatly impacted my practice, and benefited my clients. It has been my saving grace.

Investing in coaching is an investment in myself, my family, and my business.

For a coach who will walk with you through whatever you are facing, call you out in a gentle, loving, and respectful way when that is what you need, and who will ensure that you move forward and become even more of the person you most aspire to be – I highly recommend Vicki Fenn.

Alicia G – City Counsellor, Owner Backroads Farm Market

As someone who can accomplish a lot on my own, I had no idea the difference both personally and professionally – working with Vicki would make. It has been a game changer.

Nick W – Sales Manager

I was taking a major step forward in my career moving from a Technology Sales Rep to managing two teams of Sales reps in very different divisions. While I was incredibly excited for the opportunity, I was terrified of the high stress, long hours, and negative impacts to my family and health. After all, I was already struggling with these things as an individual contributor.

I turned initially to the Self-Help and Business sections of my local bookstore and the opinions of my friends, family, and mentors – all of which left me more confused, conflicted, and exhausted in attempting to achieve the illusive Work: Life balance.

As a direct result of working with Vicki, I am able to cut through the constant noise and clearly focus on what I needed to be successful in my professional life. Because of Vicki I am making more money, have more time, am better organized, less stressed, feel better overall about my decisions and actions, and already feel excited for whatever comes next.

What I wasn’t expecting is also the dramatic improvement that these same techniques would have in my personal life. Vicki taught me how to make self-care a priority and how to deal with some of the potentially uncomfortable discussions that possibly come. I’m now in the best shape of my life, have more free personal time, my personal relationships have all improved, and my stress levels are non-existent in comparison.

There is no question that this is one of the best and most immediate investments I’ve ever made.

Another testimonial from Nick W – Sales Manager

After another 18 months of working with Vicki, I can honestly say the difference of where I am now makes where I was two years ago seem like a bad dream. Even with having another child, changing job duties again to take on more responsibility, and managing through a global pandemic, I wake up with a smile on my face ready to tackle the challenges of the day.

There is nothing anymore that is too much for me to handle on either a personal or professional basis and I’m excited to see where the journey takes me. I recommend Vicki to everyone in my life and network and would encourage anyone feeling even the slightest bit lost or overwhelmed to reach out to Vicki immediately – this will not be something you regret.

Cory R – Physical Trainer

Before I met Vicki, many aspects of my life seemed hopeless and out of my control — I needed more out of life. I heard myself repeating “life is too short”. My marriage was on a road to failure, i.e. my husband and I wouldn’t have a reason for staying together after the kids left home. I didn’t feel loved or appreciated by my husband. I felt resentful. I was full of expectations that were constantly not being met.

I reluctantly agreed to work with Vicki for 6 months. Why reluctantly? How long would it really take to uncover what’s wrong with my relationship to improve my marriage – which was my goal. I am grateful that Vicki was firm with her insistence that I commit to work with her for at least 6 months. I can already see after only 8 sessions, that we are working on the long-term vision of “ME”. In these 8 sessions, my discussions (and homework) with Vicki have already helped me look at my relationship in a more positive light, which has resulted in a closer more harmonious marriage and a mutual positive outlook for our future together. My husband is more relaxed and more open with me. The bonus has been the wonderful impact on the entire family. We’re not on edge, we’re communicating, and we’re laughing again.

What I didn’t expect was the depth and focus of the work on me – in the present and the future. With Vicki’s support, I’ve achieved a most valuable early breakthrough defining the top priorities in my life. And using that we’re defining what brings me joy and supports those top priorities, and how to apply that in every aspect of my life.

Thank you, Vicki, for your encouragement and support on this journey of self-discovery. Vicki’s service is definitely a 10 out of 10.

Patrick G – Attorney at Law

Dear Vicki,

I wanted to share with you and others the difference having you as a coach has made in addressing some important issues in my life.

By way of background, I am an attorney and have several rental properties. I was 66 when we worked together and anxious about retirement and managing my rentals in a more effective manner so that I could retire. Even though I believed I could figure it out on my own – I was continually putting off establishing and implementing a game plan. I was overworked and not thinking clearly about anything.

So, I came to you for coaching. I saw myself as a difficult client because I didn’t want to expose my weaknesses to anyone, and I was still believing that I shouldn’t have to spend the money on coaching because I was “smart enough to not need any help”.

Anyway, the great thing about working with you was that you really helped me (let’s face it – you really pressed me which was what I needed) to get clear about what I wanted in life around retirement and managing my rentals, and we developed a specific plan to get there. As we went along, I would invariably start falling into my old pattern of putting things off and you made sure I got back on track.

With your help I made some fundamental financial decisions that I would not otherwise have considered, which in the end made a tremendous improvement in how I managed my rental properties, giving me more free time, peace of mind, and income. Not only was this critical to reaching my bigger goal of retirement, it also resulted in a happier relationship with my wife.

Thank you so much.

Sheila R – Manager
Policy, Strategy & Reporting Aboriginal Relations
BC Hydro

Vicki Fenn is an experienced coach who combines persistence with compassion to ensure her client’s achieve their desired results. Vicki is simply the best coach I have ever worked with. There is something very special and unique about Vicki, perhaps it comes from her deep commitment to her own self-development, the successes and struggles she’s experienced in her own life or maybe it’s been her time on sports teams. Vicki is who I turn to when I reach those inevitable crossroads and know that it’s time to find that next learning that I need to achieve the results that I desire.