A highly experienced leadership and life coach skilled in helping you reach your full potentialVicki Fenn leadership and life coaching

Professional Certified Coach (ICF), licenced in Language Action for Leadership Development, Reality Therapy Certification, as well as a Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching with Royal Roads University.

25 years experience
When it comes to coaching, experience makes all the difference. Put Vicki’s considerable background in leadership and life coaching to work for you.

Vicki listens
Developing a plan starts with listening. Really listening. Vicki helps you develop a customized solution based on genuine understanding and sensitivity to the issues you’re dealing with.

Real-world background
Vicki brings real-world experience, not just academic concepts, to your coaching solutions. Prior to starting a career in coaching, she developed and delivered group programs for women on topics ranging from body image to relationships, career, personal balance, and business.

Group and Individual programs
As well as coaching one-to-one, Vicki Fenn provides group coaching, corporate workshops and frequently speaks on communication, relationships and conflict management.

Ongoing support
Coaching is a process. Vicki supports you as you seek to break through barriers and expand your capabilities.

Leadership Development

Assisting leaders at a variety of levels in recognizing and acting on areas where they can be more effective in motivating and managing their people.

Building Team Dynamics

Using a personal profiling tool, teams gain awareness of their unique styles, understanding how to improve relationships and team effectiveness.

Relationship Coaching

Relationships are at the heart of every area of life. When they don’t work, it can affect productivity, happiness and health. Stop struggling with a difficult relationship. Vicki can help resolve your problems.

Leadership and Career Coaching

Coaching to help you break through personal barriers, improve your career prospects and achieve new levels of performance.

NEW! Get Motivated Workshop

If you want to make a change in your life, but are feeling stuck or held back, this workshop will equip you to get into action!

Introducing Empowerment 360

What’s holding you back?
You have a great life, but you know that you can achieve more success, higher productivity and greater happiness if you could just break through some barriers.

Empowerment 360 is a coaching program especially designed to empower you to be the best you can be in all life areas. Offering a combination of one-to-one and group coaching, this is a proven, effective structure that helps you achieve the life you most desire to live.

Two versions are available: an individual program specifically designed for women, and a group program designed to empower you in your workplace. Get started today!

leadership and life coaching by Vicki Fenn


Vicki Fenn taps into your true potential. You’ll find power to succeed that you never imagined you have, along with untapped confidence, skills and knowledge. Discover improved profitability for your business, new prospects for your career path, or renewed relationships. Your initial consultation is free, so get started today. Call 778.882.8911

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How does 360 coaching change your world?

Vicki Fenn 360 leadership and life coaching - relationships

Helping you improve relationships

Need help with a difficult team member who’s dragging everyone down? Staff not working together effectively? What about you? Are you a difficult boss and possibly impeding your own team’s potential? Vicki will help you and your team work like… a team.

Vicki Fenn leadership and life coaching - life coaching

Building your untapped potential

Vicki will help you achieve the potential you know you’re capable of. Gain new-found confidence in yourself. Recognize your personal skills. Find balance. Overcome mental barriers that are keeping you from believing in yourself.

Vicki Fenn 360 leadership and life coaching - leadership development

Helping you improve your bottom line

Setting and reaching your goals isn’t easy. Distractions and conflicts get in the way. Vicki Fenn helps you set objectives and stay focused so you can reach them. Careers get supercharged. Businesses enjoy renewed energy, efficiency and profitability.

This is your chance! Give your business the power to grow!

This is your chance! Give your career explosive power!

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Dream Big
Work smart
Never Give Up

Call Vicki Fenn to learn how she can assist you in reaching your goals through quality leadership and life coaching

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Dream Big
Work smart
Never Give Up

Call Vicki Fenn to learn how she can assist you in reaching your goals through quality leadership and life coaching

(778) 882-8911

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