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“Leaders become effective through examining all aspects of themselves, freeing them up to excel in their role.”

— Vicki Fenn

Vicki Is Here For You

Whether you're an entrepreneur looking to scale your business, a team aiming to improve performance, or an individual striving to reach personal objectives, my goal is to empower you to flourish. Working collaboratively, we will define your aspirations and develop a comprehensive action plan, delving into the details and persisting until you attain your specific goals.

Coaching Credentials & Awards

Like professional athletes, those at the top of their game must have a coach; coaching provides clear direction and the accountability required to keep moving forward.

  • Professional Certified Coach (ICF)
  • Licensed in Language Action for Leadership Development
  • Reality Therapy Certification
  • Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching
  • Core Strengths Facilitation Certification
  • B Commerce & Business Administration
  • Earned the distinction of being selected as a top Professional Coach by coachfoundation.com

A Proven Process

As clients become more effective at achieving their goals, their skills and confidence continue to grow—positively impacting the lives of their co-workers, friends, and families.


Getting Started

The first step in working together is to arrive at a shared understanding of your goals. Through an in-person or over-the-phone meeting, we’ll clarify your desired outcomes, discuss my services, and, if appropriate, propose the optimal program that meets your needs.


Creating a Plan

After defining your objectives, we create a tailored and adaptable roadmap that guides you in achieving strategic and measurable results.


Structured & Customized Coaching

Offering a variety of individual and group coaching options, we’ll work together through proven processes to recognize pain points and develop skills for progression.


Continued Support

Coaching doesn’t have to end when the programs wrap up. I provide ongoing support for those who seek to continue breaking through barriers and expanding their capabilities.

Vicki’s Coaching Journey

Success Stories

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Nick W.

Sales Manager | Global Business Software

"After another 18 months of working with Vicki, I can honestly say that where I am now makes where I was two years ago seem like a bad dream. Even with having another child, changing job duties again to take on more responsibility, and managing through a global pandemic, I wake up with a smile on my face ready to tackle the challenges of the day. There is nothing anymore that is too much for me to handle on either a personal or professional basis and I’m excited to see where the journey takes me.

I recommend Vicki to everyone in my life and network and would encourage anyone feeling even the slightest bit lost or overwhelmed to reach out to Vicki immediately – this will not be something you regret."

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Debbie T.

HR Director | Responsible Gambling

"I invite you to consider engaging in the services of Vicki Fenn; I did, and her work made a strong contribution to the success of my department. I knew of Vicki's services while I was Director of Human Resources at BC Hydro, and heard really positive things about the results she had produced with some of my colleagues. I decided to contact her in the spring of 2008 for assistance with a project in my new role as Vice President, Human Resources with BC Lotteries Corporation.

I engaged Vicki to conduct a study for us to clarify the needs and concerns of our customers. Vicki was proactive in helping us to clearly identify our objectives and in determining the best methodology for the study. She listened to our concerns, provided valuable guidance for the process, and was effective in developing a plan of action which satisfied our needs.

I was very pleased with the work Vicki has done for us. In conducting the interviews, she provided a safe forum for people to candidly voice their concerns, which not only provided us with the feedback we needed but also offered our customers and staff the opportunity to be heard and validated. She conducted herself professionally, and not only provided comprehensive reports which contained valuable feedback for our team, but she also offered support to us in terms of how to accept and use the feedback in helpful ways. I am pleased to recommend Vicki's services."

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