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Program Overview

Coaching uncovers barriers to progress, guides you to tap into your hidden potential, and directs you to discover and develop the necessary resources to succeed. 1-to-1 coaching allows you to develop any aspect of your life in the privacy of 1-to-1 conversations. Scheduled to suit your lifestyle needs, each session builds on the one before, ensuring that you are moving forward step-by-step to achieve your goals.

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Program Details

Icon Duration Duration

6–12 months

Icon Commitment Commitment

3–4 hours/month

Icon Delivery Delivery

In-person, phone, or Zoom calls

Icon Candidates Ideal Candidates

People aged 12–70+ looking to enhance their lives through self-discovery and skill development, seeking more peace, freedom, fulfillment, and joy in their careers and personal and professional relationships, and committed to powerfully moving forward in one or more aspects of their lives.

"Facing our humanity, reinventing ourselves, and being open to accepting support takes tremendous courage."

— Vicki Fenn

Program Focus

  • Revealing innermost aspirations
  • Discovering blind spots that are stifling change
  • Peeling back layers to provide access to new perspectives
  • Deepening confidence to navigate opportunities and challenges
  • Implementing sustainable habits to maintain progress
  • Developing long-lasting skills to support a re-invented future


  • The initial program includes weekly or bi-weekly 30–60-minute coaching sessions (in-person, via phone, or via zoom) over 6 months. Once the client has completed this program, we review progress and explore the next steps. At this point, individually customized programs are available.
  • Each session addresses what is top of mind for the client, reviews progress, addresses challenges, eliminates barriers, and reveals the next best actions to take.

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Vicki’s Process

Addressing Complex Issues with Tangible Solutions

About Vicki’s Approach

Success Stories

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Mary B.

Sr. Vice President | Research & Business Consulting

"Personal one on one coaching really helped me form some concrete goals and objectives with respect to my family life and my career. I quickly began to see 'what worked for me and what did not'. Now that this foundation is set, I find it easier to make the decisions and choices that come across my path. Vicki brings a wonderful clarity to the coaching sessions, and although she has an easygoing manner, she never shies away from being bluntly honest. In fact, it is her honesty that was probably the most valuable to me. I can’t imagine anyone not benefiting in some way from personal coaching, whether it be in their work life or home life. I feel that I have a plan now and I still refer to my ‘cheat sheet’ of notes from our coaching sessions on a regular basis to stay focused."

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Skyelar T.

Registered Clinical Counsellor

"I have known and worked with Vicki on and off over the past 35 years. Each time we have worked together, I have been able to overcome whatever challenge I was facing and move forward in my life with clarity, power, and confidence. As a Registered Clinical Counsellor, I know how important it is to keep my slate clean. Vicki is who I go to when I want or need to learn and grow.

My most recent challenge has probably been my hardest by far. Several years ago, my husband began to experience some very serious health issues. In my calls with Vicki, she kept observing how hard I am on myself. This led to some conversations about self-compassion – a concept I had never considered. My growth in this area alone has been a game-changer for me in what I am currently dealing with. My husband – at just 63 years old – has now just been diagnosed with early-onset dementia. Had this happened before discovering how to have self-compassion, I can only imagine what a state I would be in. Not only has this learning helped me get through all the challenges we have been facing, but it has also greatly impacted my practice and benefited my clients. It has been my saving grace. Investing in coaching is an investment in myself, my family, and my business.

For a coach who will walk with you through whatever you are facing and call you out (in a gentle, loving, and respectful way) when that is what you need, I highly recommend Vicki Fenn."

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