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Program Overview

The Empowerment program provides the tools to discover your best self and bring it to all areas of life. Through a powerful combination of one-to-one and group coaching, you will learn how to implement practical changes and develop habits and skills that will have a positive, long-lasting impact. Success looks different for everyone. The Empowerment program clarifies what success looks like for you and provides the tools and direction to build your confidence and set you up for a fresh and powerful approach to life.

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Program Details

Icon Duration Duration

1 Year

Icon Commitment Commitment

3–3.5 hours/month

Icon Delivery Delivery

Combination of group and 1-to-1, phone and Zoom calls

Icon Candidates Ideal Candidates

Women looking to enhance every aspect of their lives through self-discovery and skill-development.

"I will support you in identifying your values and goals, bring curiosity and encouragement to your challenges, and provide powerful guidance to ensure you succeed."

— Vicki Fenn

Program Focus

  • Revealing innermost aspirations
  • Discovering blind spots that are stifling change
  • Peeling back layers to provide access to new perspectives
  • Deepening confidence to navigate opportunities and challenges
  • Implementing sustainable habits to maintain progress
  • Developing long-lasting skills that enhance success


  • 1-hour breakthrough session
  • 2 x 1-hour group calls per month
  • 1 hour of 1-to-1 coaching per month

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Vicki’s Process

Addressing Complex Issues with Tangible Solutions

About Vicki’s Approach

Success Stories

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Krista T.

CEO | Civic, Welfare & Social Services

"I am deeply grateful to have worked with Vicki at different stages in my life, and each time Vicki has helped guide me to opportunities and achievements that are truly meaningful and fulfilling. Vicki helps me step back and gain perspective on what is most important and what ‘self-imposed’ barriers might be in my way. She coaches me to be bold, seeing life through a positive lens while remaining focused on what I most value.

Vicki’s wise, caring, and objective counsel has been instrumental in helping me find my dream job, be a more effective leader and achieve work/life balance as a busy executive and single parent. Vicki helps me have meaningful, loving relationships with my daughters and a wonderful relationship with my life partner. I know there will be challenges along the way but with Vicki by my side I have confidence that I can meet those challenges and more! Vicki is simply an awesome ‘gift to the world’ and I encourage anyone who aspires to fulfill their life’s dreams to work with her."

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Myriam L.

Professional Facilitator / Business Owner

"Vicki is an extremely gifted listener and can discern nuances and hear between the lines. She is insightful and courageous enough to ask the necessary questions for you to advance. Sometimes you're unconscious of things, other times you are aware of them but haven't wanted to name them. Either way, Vicki helps you address it."

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