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Program Overview

This effective, informative, three-part program addresses the real-life challenges of getting along with co-workers, clients, and customers who bring varying perspectives into any working relationship.

Each participant completes an online personal profiling tool (the SDI), which immediately generates a customized report – chock full of valuable information about their unique style, preferences, and strengths. The group workshop (live or over zoom) combines PowerPoint, small group activities, and large and small group discussions, all designed to increase awareness of self and others.

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Program Details

Icon Duration Duration

Delivered either in person (1 full-day or 2 half-day sessions), or via Zoom (3 x 2-hour sessions)

Icon Commitment Commitment

7–8 hours

Icon Delivery Delivery

In-person or Zoom calls

Icon Candidates Ideal Candidates

Teams of 4 or more who are seeking to be more effective in producing results together.

"Coaching provides a clear direction and the accountability required to move ahead."

— Vicki Fenn

Program Focus

  • Deepening self-awareness
  • Heightening other awareness
  • Increasing capability for eliminating conflict
  • Expanding the ability to effectively address opposition
  • Increasing effectiveness in working with diverse personal styles
  • Accelerating capability for providing productive, meaningful, and relevant acknowledgement and feedback
  • Improving the ability to adapt communication style to achieve optimal results


  • Online personal profiling tool (SDI)
  • Customized personal report
  • Pre-workshop debrief call
  • Group workshop – live (1 full or 2 x ½-day sessions) or zoom (3 x 2-hour sessions)
  • Combination of PowerPoint, small group activities, and large and small group discussion
  • Between-session homework (optional)

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Vicki’s Process

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Success Stories

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Delano M.

Vice President | Freight Forwarding

"Facing dramatic growth in our operations with a very diverse team from all kinds of ethnic, social, and professional backgrounds, I faced a dilemma trying to fathom how to bring this new group together to sync. In comes Vicki, who helped us get to know ourselves better through personal evaluations, understanding what makes us tick under various conditions. The icing on the cake was bringing us all together during a three-day workshop. Through many exercises and discussions, we got to know each other and how to best communicate toward a common goal. The learnings will take us well beyond our little group and help us manage our internal and external relationships as we grow.

For my career, I have gone through various company-imposed self-evaluations, but none ever brought the learnings into context or, let alone even provided feedback. This last journey with Vicki was, however, an eye-opener. Vicki is a fantastic person; dedicated, passionate, composed, calm, direct, friendly, and fun to work with. She truly made this an enjoyable experience for us all. Thank you, Vicki."

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Debbie T.

VP Human Resources | Responsible Gambling

"I invite you to consider engaging in the services of Vicki Fenn; I did, and her work made a strong contribution to the success of my department. I knew of Vicki's services while I was Director of Human Resources at BC Hydro, and heard really positive things about the results she had produced with some of my colleagues. I decided to contact her in the spring of 2008 for assistance with a project in my new role as Vice President, Human Resources with BC Lotteries Corporation.

I engaged Vicki to conduct a study for us to clarify the needs and concerns of our customers. Vicki was proactive in helping us to clearly identify our objectives and in determining the best methodology for the study. She listened to our concerns, provided valuable guidance for the process, and was effective in developing a plan of action which satisfied our needs.

I was very pleased with the work Vicki has done for us. In conducting the interviews, she provided a safe forum for people to candidly voice their concerns, which not only provided us with the feedback we needed but also offered our customers and staff the opportunity to be heard and validated. She conducted herself professionally, and not only provided comprehensive reports which contained valuable feedback for our team, but she also offered support to us in terms of how to accept and use the feedback in helpful ways. I am pleased to recommend Vicki's services."

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